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Analysis of Plastic Extruder Failures

Promulgator: admin    Send date: 2015-01-29 09:24

As mentioned in the previous article ( Full Detail About Plastic Extrusion Machine ) ,  we can know plastic extruder is the most important element of plastic extrusion machine ,so it is a one of the most common plastic machinery equipment.

While working, plastic extruder may occur a variety of failures in the daily operation,and affect the normal production of plastic machine, here we analysis the failure of plastic extruder in detail.

Host cannot start
1, Causes:
(1) Driving program is wrong.
(2) Main motor thread is in question,to sure whether the fuse burned.
(3) The main electrical installation work is effect by the related device.
2, Solution:
(1) Inspect procedures, re-start the car by correct order.
(2) Check the main motor circuit.
(3) Check the oil pump is start, check the state of interlocking device which related the main motor. Pump does not open, the motor can not be opened.

Current instability in the host
1, Causes:
(1) Feeding uneven.
(2) Main motor bearing failure or poor lubrication.
(3) A certain heater don't work, without heating.
(4) Screw adjusting mat is wrong, or phase wrong, component interference.
2, Solution:
(1) Check the feeding machine, troubleshooting.
(2) Maintenance of main motor, if necessary, replace the bearings.
(3) Checking the heater is working, if necessary, replace the heater. 
(4) Examining the adjust pad, pulling out the screw and checking it whether interference screw or not.                                                  
(5) Inverter induction electric have not put done, you should close the total power and wait 5 minutes, then restart.    
(6) Checking the emergency button is reset.
Starting current of the main power is too high
1, Causes:
(1) Lack of heating time, torque.
(2) A certain heater does not work.                                   
2, Solution:
(1) You should strat it by hand-drive car, if not easy, you should extend the heating time or check the each section of the heater is working correctly.

The head discharging impeded or jam
1, Causes:
(1) A certain heater does not work, the ability of plasticzing is bad.
(2) The operating temperature is too low set or the plastic molecular weight distribution too wide and unstable.
(3) May be have the foreign body which is not easy to melt inside.
2, Solution:
(1) Check heater and replace if necessary.
(2) Verify the set temperature in each paragraph, if necessary, to consulte with the craft, and raise the temperature setting.          
(3) Check the compression system and clean the head.                                                                                
Main Motor has unusual sounds
1, Causes:
(1) Main motor bearing is damage.
(2) A silicon controlled is damaged in SCR of the main motor.
2, Solution:
(1) The replacement of the main motor bearings.
(2) Check the thyristor rectifier circuit, if necessary, replace the thyristor.
Main motor bearing temperature rised too high                         
1, Causes:
(1) Poor bearing lubrication.
(2) The bearing worn badly.
2 Causes:
(1) Check and add lubricant. Check the motor bearings, if necessary, replaced.
The head pressure is instability
1, Causes:
(1) Main motor speed is uneven.
(2) The feeding motor speed is uneven, the volume of feed has fluctuated.
2, Solution:
(1) Check the main motor control systems and bearings.
(2) Check the control system and feeding system of the main motor.    
Low oil pressure
1, Causes:
(1) The set point of the oil pressure regulating valve system is too low
(2) Pump failure or oil pipe blockage.
2, Solution:
(1) Check and adjust the oil pressure regulating valvem system.
(2) Check the oil pump, suction tube.
Automatic Changer slow or not working
1, Causes:
(1) Pressure or oil pressure is low.
(2) Cylinder is (or hydraulic) leakage (or oil leakage)
2, Solution:
(1) Check the power system of change nets devices.
(2) Check the seal situation of the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder.
Safety pin was cut off
1, Causes:
(1) The torque of extrusion system is too big.
(2) Main motor bearing has a different heat with the input bearing.
2, Solution:
(1) Check whether have the metal to stuck screw in extrution system. At the beginning, check the preheating time and the value of heating whether meet the requirement.
(2) Adjusting the main motor
A sudden drop in the extrution output

1, Causes:
(1) Feeding system doesn's work or there are not material
(2) Have the hard to stuck screw in extrusion system, so that material can not get through
2, Solution:
(1) Check the feeding system and the material level of hopper feed.
(2) Check and clean the extrusion system.

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